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Services | Talent Management

Management is the highest level of support we offer and is tailored to the unique needs of each client. For every client that we manage we assign a team of talent managers and help appoint specialists in PR, law, graphic design, web design, and travel to ensure the smooth running of the artist’s career. We create a management strategy for each artist based on their personal goals and aspirations.


PR Management

Let us create a unique perception for your brand through achieving a competitive advantage through a deeper level of brand and business understanding

  • Artist/Celebrity profiling
  • Brand definitions & evaluation
  • Marketing & Promotions

Business Management

Developing creative concepts & implementing brand PR-campaigns in collaboration with artists/Celebrities & other institutions.

  • Business Advisory
  • Deals negotiations & contract signing
  • Bookings/Gigs
  • Endorsements Deals Management

Events Management

Our National network of suppliers & key management people will team up with you in managing the events to suit your requirements and budget

  • Events organizing
  • Marketing
  • Media Tour and Interviews
  • Events Coverage

Training & Consultation

We will provide media training services in order to familiarize your brand with the online media activities that your PR campaign engages in .

  • Coaching
  • Workshops


We dedicate ourselves to build mutual relationship between artist or celebrities or professionals with other brands to ensure growth and opportunities

  • Videography
  • Photography
  • Audio production

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